Frankie's Italian Cooking
Frankie's Italian Cooking

Catering & Guest Chef

Let Frankie cook for you:     

Guest Chef & Catering

Available for groups of up to 75 people

If you are having a party or event for friends, family or business Frankie can do the cooking.  Each season I create a menu of fresh options to give you inspiration.  I can also customize a menu just for you.

Flexibility: Some people enjoy the food being prepared on-site, others want it delivered to their door. I can do either, or a creative combination of the two to meet your needs.

Guest Chef:  If the event is in your home or other place where a kitchen is available, I can be a Guest Chef and cook on-site if you desire.  This means the food arrives fresh and hot to the table, and many guests enjoy having the chef in the home. Generally I pre-prep much of the food before arriving and finish off dishes in your kitchen.

Catering:  We deliver the food hot, fully prepared, and ready to eat (or to hold and serve later).