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About frankie

Hi.  My name is Frankie.  I am a chef, caterer, guest chef, cooking instructor, food blogger, photographer, and cookbook author. Even more importantly I am a husband, father and a grandfather (the best job in the world!).

For 24 years my wife Rhonda and I owned and operated a small neighborhood Italian restaurant, Frankie's Pizza and Pasta, in Redmond, Washington.  We called it "Your friendly neighborhood Italian cafĂ©".  We loved it.  Being a neighborhood restaurant is the best because you have the opportunity to develop relationship with the many people of your community.  When redevelopment took away our location in October of 2016, I decided to move forward with the things I am most passionate about: food, teaching, photography, and hospitality.

What I enjoy most is using my creativity to bring beauty into the world and share it with others.  First I was an artist, then a photography major at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California.  

Raising a family sent me in search of more dependable income, and I found myself in a career with McDonald's, where I had begun working at age 16 in my hometown of Huntington Beach, California.  I had a successful career, and learned a great deal in those years, but found that I was frustrated at my inability to utilize my creativity.  And so I created Frankie's.

Frankie's was exactly what I needed.  I could be as creative as I wanted and loved the hospitality aspect of the business.  Not to mention my amazing staff, many of whom worked for me for 15-20 years or longer.

From the day I opened Frankie's I had wanted to create a cookbook.  I had renewed my dormant passion for photography and knew it was a perfect fit with my love for great food.  In 2011 I published a two year labor of love, Frankie at Home in the Kitchen.  The book is now sold out but it is available today as an eBook through Amazon. 

My wife Rhonda and I grew up in SoCal.  We met right after high school in 1972 and married by the end of the year.  In 1979 we moved to Washington for a better quality of life and place to raise our kids.  We had three sons and a daughter.  Tragically our youngest son and daughter are no longer with us.  I can not describe the sadness we have walked through.  If not for our faith in God we would probably not have survived those dark days. 

We love our family. We have two sons who live nearby. Both are married to wonderful women. We are full-time grandparents raising a beautiful teenage granddaughter, and are blessed with two additional grandchildren.  They have been a gift to us and have helped us to heal from our difficult losses.

We reside and do business in Redmond, Washington.